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WKM-Long Canyon



Property size:   Approximately 950 km2
Location:   Dominant land holding in the Long Canyon Trend, Elko County, Nevada
Ownership:   Under earn-in option from Rubicon Minerals; West Kirkland can earn 51-60% depending on expenditures
Target:   Sediment hosted (Carlin style) gold deposit
Previous Work:  

Initial exploration work focused on the 12 Mile, Lewis Spring and Bandito areas. At 12 Mile, at-surface gold was discovered in 2012 sampling and mapping.  Initial drilling by West Kirkland cut 6.10 meters grading 0.72 g/t Au starting at 12.19 meters down the hole.  At Lewis Spring, a 53 square kilometer gold in stream sediment anomaly was identified from previous work, which has been refined into drill targets through mapping and sampling. The Bandito property features northeast structures with elevated gold in drilling.

2013 Plans:   The company’s regional exploration efforts will focus on drilling to follow up on the 12 Mile discovery and evaluate gold drill targets generated at Lewis Spring, Bandito and other regional targets.

WKM Long Canyon Properties

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Background & Plans

The Long Canyon trend stretches 65 kilometers northeast from Newmont's Long Canyon deposit (2.2 M oz Au) and encompasses West Kirkland's Long Canyon exploration targets at 12 Mile, Toano, Lewis Spring and Bandito. It continues further northeast to West Kirkland's KB/TUG deposits at the Nevada/Utah border. The targets are sediment hosted, Carlin-style gold deposits.

Through an option agreement with Rubicon, West Kirkland can earn up to a 51% interest on the entire land package by spending $15 million within four years on any given area. The company has an option to go up to 60% on selected properties by spending an additional $4 million or by completing a prefeasibility study.

At the Company's 12 Mile Prospect, located 10 km west of the TUG deposit, the Company drilled 7 holes in 2012. The drilling cut oxidized gold mineralization at shallow depths and grades similar to the those encountered at the TUG deposit. Mineralization was cut in a stratigraphic location similar to the location of mineralization of the TUG deposit. Highlights include 6.10 meters of 0.72 g/t Au from a depth of 12.2 meters (see news release and full table of results). Overall the drilling returned near-surface grades and thicknesses similar to the TUG deposit. This stratigraphic contact appears to be a key feature that controls mineralization over large areas of the Company's Long Canyon Properties. Drilling at 12 Mile has only tested a small portion of the property and the Company plans further work in 2013.

Extensive soil sampling in 2011 on properties led to the identification of West Kirkland's other target areas. The company collected  9,012 soil samples on a 75 X 75m grid covering selected sections of the Lewis Spring and Toano areas. The soil sampling, combined with a review of the historic drilling on the property has identified at least three target areas; Toano, Lewis Spring, and Bandito. Drilling will be completed on a priority basis. 

On the Toano target, soil sampling has identified multiple Long Canyon Trend-parallel gold in soils anomalies with associated pathfinder elements as well. The identified soil anomalies measure up to eight kilometers long, and are coincident with pull-apart structures similar to Newmont's Long Canyon deposit. Rock samples as high as 3.6 g/t Au have been collected in the areas of the soil anomalies.

On the Lewis Spring target, the identification of 53km2 gold in steam anomalies—a similar technique that led to the Long Canyon discovery--was followed-up with soil sampling highlighted by individual samples of up to 1.1 g/t Au in soil. Mapping has highlighted two distinct target areas.

At Bandito, the company has identified several north and northeast orientated structures with elevated gold in drilling. Previous drilling was limited in depth and did not test the favourable underlying stratigraphy.


12 Mile - Gold in Rock at Surface, 10 km from TUG

Toano - Gold in Soil Anomalies

Lewis Spring  - Gold in Stream and Soil Geochemistry

Qualified Person
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Updated January 25, 2012

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