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Property size:   2.4 km2
Location:   Immediately adjacent to Macassa Mine #3 Shaft, at western extension of Cadillac-Larder Lake Break
Ownership:   Under earn-in option from Queenston Mining; West Kirkland can earn 60% depending on expenditures & payments
Target:   Mapped extensions of mine hosting Break Structures
Previous work:   Historic drilling with results up to 6.5 g/t gold over 1.8 meters, historic exploration shafts on the north end of the property
2012 Plans:   Core drilling to test "Break" structures, including one interpreted to project from the famous Macassa Mine '04 and ‘05 Break structures

Background & Plans

The Goldbanks property lies strategically adjacent to the Macassa Gold Mine owned by Kirkland Lake Gold. Interpretation by Queenston has revealed six "Break" structures on the property, including an interpreted projection of the ’04 and ’05 break structures, along which 24 million ounces of gold has been produced from seven mines.

Limited historic drilling on the Goldbanks property generated intercepts of 6.5 g/t Au over 1.8 meters and 24.34 g/t Au over 0.3 meters, both at shallow depths.

Recent published gold values from Macassa underground drilling are located west, towards Goldbanks, across a fault that historically was thought to limit the gold camp. These intercepts indicate potential at Goldbanks, which has the break fabric of the mine, crossing through the property.

West Kirkland’s drilling at Goldbanks is testing the gold bearing ’04 and ’05 break structures projecting onto the property from the Macassa Mine which has produced nearly four million ounces of gold. The Macassa # 3 headframe is located approximately 1,200 meters from the eastern Goldbanks Property boundary and 700 meters along strike from the collar of the West Kirkland’s current drilling.

The company has also discovered a gold structure that to its knowledge has not been previously drilled on the Goldbanks property. The structure has been pierced by five drillholes to date with the best intercept returning 11.8 g/t Au over 0.3 meters starting 49.1 meters down the hole.

As of January 2012, drilling continues on a deep 2,000 meter hole (KG1191). The target is approximately 700 meters west of Macassa’s underground workings at the 1,615 meter (5300 ft) level.


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