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Bullion Mountain



Property size:   1.4 km2
Location:   12 km from and on trend with Barrick's Pipeline deposit, 13 km SW of Crescent City
Ownership:   Under earn-in option from Fronteer Gold; West Kirkland can earn 51-60% depending on expenditures
Target:   Previous workers have identified gold mineralization in shallow angle faults, a breccia pipe and an intrusive body
Previous work:   8 holes totaling 1,100 meters drilled by Asarco in 1989. All holes intercepted zones of alteration and fracturing, with 5 returning values above 0.11 g/t gold. Peak drill intercept of 6.99 g/t gold over 3.05 meters. 164 rock chip samples previously taken, with 57 returning anomalous gold grades, up to a high of 10.7 g/t
2011 Plans:   Data compilation, mapping, geophysics, core drilling

Background & Plans

The Bullion Mountain property lies on the Battle Mountain trend, within view of both the Pipeline and Cortez gold mines.

On September 7, 2011, Barrick announced a new discovery 24 kilometers southeast of Pipeline which highlights the continued potential of the region. West Kirkland has since commenced drilling a deep, 1,200-meter hole at Bullion Mountain targeting the north-south structures projected from the Pipeline mine, and the potential flat Roberts Mountain thrust structures that control gold deposits in the region (see aerial photo and ground photo below).

The Bullion Mountain property features upper plate rocks of the Vinini Sandstone thrust over Slaven Chert intruded by a Granite Peak stock. Multiple targets related to thrusting and the intrusion exists on the property plus there is deep potential for Lower Plate rocks which host the nearby Pipeline Deposit.

Pipeline to Bullion Mountain
Bullion Mountain looking south


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