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West Kirkland Mining Inc. (“West Kirkland”) is committed to developing value by discovering significant gold deposits on our sizeable land positions.  Our primary responsibility is to our shareholders to add value. We also have responsibility to our employees, our communities in the areas we work and to the environment.

We have the experience to make significant gold discoveries and manage risk. One of our guides will be to treat the company’s money like it is our own and we will work as hard for this discovery as we did for our first three  companies, founded by the same group.

We strive for open, transparent and fair reporting to a broad range of stakeholders including shareholders, employees, government, and communities where we operate. We look to exceed the minimum standards for governance, communication, and environmental standards. We monitor these standards at all levels in the company. As we advance our projects along the exploration path we intend to evaluate them and report on them promptly and responsibly. 

We look for a culture of mutual respect and extraordinary levels of hard work. We strive for the best in everything we do and look for ways that we can do better at all times. On decisions we look to be as open and inclusive as possible in the search for the best outcome and we try to be several steps ahead in our planning. This includes planning for success in our exploration, financing, team building and community relations and environmental monitoring. We will start every project with the long term success in mind with best practices on all fronts even though not every project will be a success and we will switch resources quickly to the projects that are responding. In this way projects that do advance to a significant investment and therefore potentially a mine will always be on a sound footing with the environment and community from the start.

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